clients= DGT-kunder.Kunder is Swedish for clients or customers. Professionals and the general public all over the world wish to know at least the basics of an/other language/s and be more proficient in that /those language/s. Knowing the language and culture of others increases your chances of success and reduces misunderstanding among people.

As you may have noticed, we left the Swedish notation on this form. It is not a typo. There is a reason. We want to invite you to stretch your notion of languages as a universal resource that you can tap into at any moment. Our services require flexibility on the part of our clients and ourselves.

You our client recognize and value how important it is to convey what you mean in a clear way. You know it will make you more effective and successful. You eliminate double-talk and reduce noise while changing attitudes and conversational tones for the better. Your meaning in terms of what you express and the purpose and goal you seek will carry through to the recipient and vice-versa faithfully.

Based on the concept of lean management, we call thisprocess

DGT-lean = DGT-LEC: We do 100% of what is required to be done in order to be successful. Because success translates into different goals, we will confirm with you what success means and map the path of success that is best outlined for you, your project and your organization.

A perfect state of business nirvana would not require doing anything right or doing anything for that matter because what is done is what is essentially required. Transactions would be made on a win-win-win basis effortlessly and constantly.  Economic growth and prosperity would occur automatically for everybody. We may not be there, but by applying the DGT-lean concept we will make your communication process flow effortlessly to the benefit of you our primary client and secondary clients also. What we do for our clients could be taken for granted because of the seamless presence of our value-addition to your business goals and objectives.

If you are not a client of ours yet, we encourage you to contact us so that we can together best resolve your ITAHC Information Technology-Assisted Human Communication needs.


On the DGT-kunder formyou, our client can tell us about yourself / organization and what you want to communicate across any language-culture barrier.Doing so can be the most important and proactive business decision that you make today.

As your service provider, we at DGTranslations will follow-up with you to ascertain how best we can provide our services to you. We will fulfill your information technology-assisted human communication requirements at any given moment. Once we evaluate together what your requirements are our DGT-ier team will provide the best possibleseamless communication you deserve, thereby adding value to your business purpose, goals and objectives.This is value improvement or what we call VIP, the Value Improvement Program.

Investor relations

The authors of Lean Thinking, (Free Press: New York. 2003, pp. 154-156; ISBN-13:978-0- 7432-4927-0), James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones, recall –among others– an extraordinary episode in the life of an extraordinary company, Pratt & Whitney. One protagonistis Fredrick Rentschler, a former president of the Wright Aeronautical Corporation, who resigned his post because Wright investors would not back funding his envisioned project of constructing the first air-cooled engine. The man with the vision went to P&W and proposed that they fund his project by creating “a company within a company” (p.154), namely the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company. The man with a mission asked for and obtained $1,000,000 in return for 50% of the stock and the rights to use the parent company’s “underutilized plant space and tools to make his new engine” (p. 154). Rentschler, the man with the vision and the vision delivered, thus moving forward the history of human development and aeronautics.

Investors are crucial to us. We require seed funding to develop proprietary software and growth funding to implement our strategy. If you are interested in knowing more about our business model for capital funding opportunities, please contact:

Pierre “Josef” DíazGranados, President
DGTranslations Inc.,

We are interested in angel investors withSeries A round funding and VC funding capabilities for

DGTranslations, Inc., a high-potential growth start-up company.If you are looking for the next big thing in online business, high yield potential with long-term sustainability perspective, let’s talk.

We want to offer equity and are looking into other services in the newly redefined ITAHC industry. The seed-investment will enable to align the high-tech (1)project management team with (2) the research team and (3) IT equipmentinthe creation and development of theITAHCsector – Information Technology Assisted Human Communications.

We ask that you supply us with your investment specification requirements. We hope this will lead us to face-to-face meetings and a mutually valuable investment partnership.


There is no substitute for applying customer relationship management principles. It begins with identifyingour customers and our industry. Our background, experience and daily operations have led us to the realization that our focus must shift from the area of linguistics and translations to a whole new field requiring an interdisciplinary team capable of bringing their skills in support of the ITAHC business.

CRM continues with defining success for each stakeholder, project and organization within the ITAHC industry. By focusing in on the new sector, our customer base has expanded, yet it can be more clearly defined than in a narrow context. We will continue to work with our partners to strengthen the CRM system for the benefit of our client-customers, DGTI-ers, end-users, investors and stakeholders in general.In our line of work our customers are the co-producers of our services. In fact, all of the above players contribute to the services we provide.

We are just getting started. Please, join us.

Lean Entrepreneurial Concept: DGT-LEC

DGTranslations Inc. emerges from a mom-and-pop shop concept. During the process of our business redefinition we have gathered state-of-the art skillsthat call for the Lean Entrepreneurial Concept,DGT-LECto be included front and center in our activity.

We expect to continue developing what we do and how we do it. The transition into a start-up corporation callsfor unprecedented value-creation and value-realization. Your positive participation in these regards is vital to our success.

DGT-LEC is not about reducing staff to a bare-bones minimum; it is about forming dynamic relations with stakeholders to produce sustainable service-quality on a globally collaborative sphere.

It is definitely not about being shy. We expect the business to expand globally. Its potential expansion is ubiquitous in a service-scape that is currently facing very significant challenges such assustainable business growth and sustainable service quality.


We adhere to a business environment in which growth and service quality go hand-in-hand sustainably not only for ourselves but for our partners and all stakeholders in the ITAHC industry. A second set of challenges is accessibility for all to reach growth and service quality collaboratively through the core multilingual, multicultural communications system that we offer, which is DGTranslations’ Themeaningexchange™.Our partners seek to engage in the business environment here proposed with like-minded purpose.Any individual, a micro-business, small business, mid-size business, big business or organization can partner with us. We can make a difference.

While our DGTnet, DGT-ier and DGT-kunder business areas have been specified, we are facing our next critical challenges: funding and integration.

In this transition we will provide quality of service, competitive pricing and above-average compensation. We know that sustainable service quality and growth translate into value recognition for our DGT-network partners. Theseare strategic, tactical and operational priorities that demand us to exercise cost discipline from at all levels of stewardship including our co-creators of value, from DGT-iers to the entrepreneurial leadership team, ELT. Less can be more and our professional co-contributors to value creation must be recognized for what they do. DGT-LEC will allow us to produce our long-term goals.

Our Clients and the ITAHC business

All business is people’s business and in this sense, personal. People, not only business customers want to relate with others who have what they seek and who seek what they have. People are willing to do business across the globe if only they could communicate.

The current users of translation services are clients that require these services because of professional reasons and because of personal ones. The current industry has catered to the former group while the second and much larger group remains largely unattended. Even business goals have personal goals embedded in them. At DGTranslations, Inc., we recognize this fact and address it.

Our focus is to co-create demand by innovating the services offered. Our professional, business and personal clients will find greater value in the way they approach their demand for communication. To us our clients are the organization and each individual in it. Our task is to co-create value for each organization and every individual.

In order to do this we have re-identified and redefined the business and industry we are in as ITAHC, Information Technology Assisted Human Communications. By positioning ourselves in the ITAHC industry we are calling for resources from diverse fields of expertise. You are our most valued resource and with your participation we will create value in this new fertile ground of opportunity, the ITAHC industry.

We serve clients and end-users in virtually all kinds of disciplines. Information Technology, IT, science and technology, any service requiring managerial assistance, human communications and any combination of these core disciplines.

We wish to underscore that science is art and art is implied in every activity. Since form is given to our processes we consider that our sense of aesthetics, harmony and cohesion are inherent in the Arts. Ergonomics is as much science as it is art and communicating ergonomics is in fact within the realm of ITAHC.In fact it is difficult to find any discipline that escapes ITAHC. Our blogs will be crafted to follow this thread to weave the tapestry of ITAHC and promote it as an untapped business resource – an otherwise missing link – of human development.

We are heavily vested in communicating thoughts and ideas to our clients and visitors. We hope to contribute to creating the kind of value that our partners value, one of total effective human communication emerging from the digital and interpersonal environment we live in, which we have named as the Age of Technological Redemption.

Our organization is flexible. We have provided free-lance services to our clientsin more than thirteen language combinations. But we can do more and better with less.