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Let us consult with you to put together the most appropriate professional team to manage your assignment request. This VIT, value improvement team, will confirm your goal/s for the project’s success and apply the appropriate ITAHC tools to get the job done. Each VIT is made up of professionalDGT-ier/s who will support you in achieving success.

Whether for a few minutes, one hour, a year or more, we put at your disposal the fruits of our innovative concept called Technology Assisted Human Communications.

DGTranslations Inc., A WorldwideVision

DGTranslations has identified the need for restructuring the entire sector of language services and language translation and interpretation to the relevant industry of Information Technology-Assisted Human Communications.

DGTI considers that by advancing the ITAHCconcept its scope cuts through all layers of business areas in a more effective way and in the long run a more efficient way than how language and language translation and interpretation services are known to do for clients. In fact, DGTI offers a lean solutions set to leaders of businesses, industries and personal affairs worldwide.

Within the ITAHC concept and industry, DGTranslations, Inc.provides its clients and end-users with the best possible value-enhancing services to their human communication needs.

DGTI proposes a radical change, but the way to achieve it is through a series of mini-steps. The necessary steps to explore the industry have been trodden. So far it has been a preparation exercise and a wondrous experience. The road that Bill Gates alluded to in his book The Road Aheadis still ahead.

The customers who will partner with DGTI can only do so if they are willing to tread new ground also. Clients are asked to consider how many opportunities are wasted by not having a strategic partner from outside their organizational boundaries offer a different perspectiveto their communication goals particularly before and after the exchange takes place. DGTI advises clients on communication strategy and additional options to resolve issues outside those dictated by traditional, procedural routine. The monetary cost to continue to overlook one’s own comparative advantage limitations lies in the trillion-dollar stratosphere worldwide each year. DGTI enhances the communication exchange of the parties if they are willing to come out of their comfort zone, which impedes them to see the opportunity of effective, lean and long-term efficient, sustainable business.

Any business issue, problem or pending decision requires communication. It is communication-based. DGTI submits that the successful outcome calls for the asset to be placed in the ITAHC channel and for the leaders and managers of the asset proceed to resolve the issue creating value for all stakeholders through the appropriate ELLE-S strategy (of effective, lean and long-term efficient, sustainable business) strategy for the task.

Through commitment to quality of service, a balanced approach to inter-party communication, high professional standards of proficiency and delivery capabilities and a constant quest for information-technology-assisted-human-communications DGTranslations, Inc. is the meaning exchange that will bring value to your human communications objectives and organizational goals.

We will meet our goals through an active engagement in the organizational affairs of interest of our clients, by recruiting the qualified professionals that each specific task entrusted to us demands with the support of all our stakeholders and  in particular, our clients, DGT-iers and  investors.