Our TI-ers, translator-interpreters are part of our network. So is this, our website, purplegreen.net. We aim to strengthen relationships with DGTI-ers around the world and build meaningful relationships with our contributors in general. Please become a part of our network. You will find a DGT-ier form on our DGT-net page. Please fill it out or fill it in so we can get acquainted.

You may live in the United States or in any other country in the world and know English but have some limitations, yet you know your language well. Guess what! We can help you and those you wish to communicate with through our private DGT-net. We aim for supporting your success at any level, every step of the way.

For example, if you are a professional with actual or potential linguistic abilities and are interested in becoming a DGT-ier, we can help you improve your language skills appropriate to your needs. In this capacity you will be able to contribute in the advancement of human communications while we support you to improve your ITAHC skillset.

All levels of professional experience are welcome. Bar none!

You may not even know English and still be associated with us. You will work in a value improvementteam, VIT, that includes DGT-iers who speak your language and the pivot-language, which is currently English. We value human communication at all levels. It’s that simple.

The forms we ask you to fill out on DGT-net are the beginning of a global network engagement. So whom else do we ask to join our network? The answer is our clients, investors and other stakeholders with whom we create value in the ITAHC industry. As you get acquainted with the network, you will note that concrete opportunities open up for you. ITAHC will upgrade your success path based on concrete objectives and attainable results. As you collaborate in the network, you and other team members of your value improvement team, VIT will be co-creating sustainable value for yourself, your company, your team, DGTranslations, Inc., and the ITAHC industry as a whole.