Our professionals

We have provided language translation and interpretation services through our network of qualified professionals in over 13 languages. The professionals we work with are called DGT-iers, an abbreviation for DGT-translator-interpreters.

Your request for our services may require a project team of professionals with different backgrounds. A professional associated with us for a particular project is a DGT-ier.

We select our DGT-iers based on their level of proficiency, professionalism and expertise. Every request is a tall order. We know you expect the best outcome from your objective to communicate seamlessly and we must try to assist you in achieving just that. We offer you the best professional services suited to your needs and objectives and invite you to bring your language communication wishes, demands, concerns and expectations to us. We wish to fulfill your tall order with our services.

If you are a professional willing and able to work with us for our clients, please fill out the DGT-ier form under DGT-net.