Since 1998 when DGTranslations initially started, we have translated in different language combinations having mainly English as the pivot-language. We are inventorying these languages in a usage hierarchy up to the present, which we expect will invariably change. As we apply ThemeaningexchangeTM(pending to file) model, global communication will open up like a sky-gate when the clouds fade away and the languages used in terms of exchange volume will reflect this.

DGTranslations languages according to exchange volume usage (group of 18 languages as of 2013-2014):

1. English
2. Spanish
3. French
4. Swedish
5. Haitian Creole
6. Portuguese
7. Russian
8. Italian
9. Check
10. Chinese
11. Hebrew
12. Thai
13. Japanese
14. Urdu
15. German
16. Vietnamese
17. Serb
18. Norwegian

services2DGTranslations recognizes that its language exchange hierarchy in terms of current usage is skewed compared to the language exchange volume usage worldwide. This is due to regional as opposed to global service applications and also to capability. DGTI is committed to bolster the capability in terms of number of TI-ers and relevant skillset through IT enhancement of its rapport with language professionals / human communicators and the widening of its Network, DGT-net.

The following is the expected language exchange volume usage by the company in three years from this group expanded to twenty languages. The top ten languages reflect the expected language exchange reality in the world of 2016-2017.The lower 50% of the companies in the group is more uncertain and subject to greater variability and change.

DGTranslations languages according to exchange volume usage (group of 20 languages as of 2016 – 2017):

  1. English
  2. Chinese
  3. German
  4. Japanese
  5. Russian
  6. Urdu
  7. Spanish
  8. French
  9. Italian
  10. Swedish
  11. Portuguese
  12. Hebrew
  13. Haitian Creole
  14. Thai
  15. Vietnamese
  16. Check
  17. Pashtun
  18. Farsi
  19. Norwegian
  20. Serbian

The Age of TR

This is the name of our blog. It emerges from the basic thought that we live in a most important dimension: We call it the Age of Technological Redemption. The distinction we make is that technology and IT in particular have arrived at a cusp. On this cusp availability, accessibility and control of information will ultimately affirm or refute all our societal structures’ claims to justice, democracy, fairness, compassion, sharing, freedom, human liberties and the individual’s and the people’s assertion to free-will and self-governance. The tests of said claims are taking place and you are called upon to clear-up and shed light on this subject to which this blog, The Age of TR, is dedicated.

We consider this topic to be of necessary, even vital interest. With your continued support will provide the service of attempting to shed light on the subject.

services3ITAHC: Information Technology-Assisted Human Communications

ITAHC is the overarching service field, the industry we are positing that is best suited to carry out our mission. By intersecting IT and human communications we find a new way to do business that is still language centric, since communication requires some form of linguistic vehicle, but goes beyond the mere conveyance of a message from one language into another and between A and B, or the interacting and dynamic source and target dialogue and multi-colloquy. ITAHC increases your business objective’s success to a crisper level.

Those of you who find our business venture promising are welcome to join us in any capacity you see fit to help us advance this nascent industry. As you can see, there is much to be done. We welcome your participation and support. Our ITAHC services will adapt to your needs and horizon possibilities and includes the services we provide on an assisting to consulting bases.

DGT-Concepts and Acronyms

The following is a list of concepts and acronyms DGTI uses in its entrepreneurial development endeavors. DGTI will continue to develop the tools these terms suggest in the form of services offered to better assist and communicate with its clients and internal / external stakeholders. On purpose, these terms have not been sorted by alphabetical order:

ITAHC, Information Technology Assisted Human Communications
ITAHC requirement evaluation
ITAHC requirement enabler
DGTranslations Inc.


DGT-ELLE-S strategy consulting
DGTI-ers, translator-interpreters
DGT-LangTI, language translation and interpretation
– English for immigrants / English for professionals / English for
– tourists / English for personal knowledge / Technical English.
DGT-lean =DGT-LEC = Lean Entrepreneurial Concept
DGT-val, value enhancement
DGT-SAMBA: Swedish American Marketing and Business Association
DGT-CAUSA: Caribbean Andean United States Association
DGT-Marknad: marketing
DGT-AgRepDist: agent, representative, distributor
DGT-Phil: science, technology & the arts
DGT-Me: Person to person human communications within the ITAHC sphere
DGT-LangKul: language and culture
DGT-LangKom: language communication and communication channeling
DGT-CREM: wishes, demands, orders, concerns and expectations within customer relationship management, CRM
DGT-Improv: language skills improvement
DGT-LangTap: language tap
DGT-Asset: You may not know English and still be associated with us
DGT-MeanReal: meaningful, real relationships
DGT-blogg: The Age of TR
DGT-Gloss: Glossary of terms
DGT-BP/MP: Business Plan, Marketing Plan and Marketing/Business model visualization
DGTI-Blog = The Age of TR