The Age of TR

3This is the name of our blog. It emerges from the basic thought that we live in a most important dimension: We call it the Age of Technological Redemption. The distinction we make is that technology and IT in particular have arrived at a cusp. On this cusp availability, accessibility and control of information will ultimately affirm or refute all our societal structures’ claims to justice, democracy, fairness, compassion, sharing, freedom, human liberties and the individual’s and the people’s assertion to free-will and self-governance. The tests of said claims are taking place and you are called upon to clear-up and shed light on this subject to which this blog, The Age of TR, is dedicated.

We consider this topic of necessary, if not vital interest and a service we will provide with your continued support. Let me make a pause here. I must gather my neurons’ impulses to record this event. Somewhere in cyberspace there are a few postings on the subject of TR, but as you might know the last incarnation of our website was bereaved of public presence. It now emerges with a renewed sense of purpose. My MBA studies and some of my memorable professors have given me the space to decide on what to think about. My school, Nova Southeastern University, has been challenged by me as much as I have by her. So my path is what brings me to present the blog.

Career is the path, is it not? And it is the whole journey. It does not exclude vacations, idleness, jungle excursions or stressful experiences. It is, again the complete package that we are aware of, of this life and if we can perceive them, other lives of ours. In this sense it would not exclude total or partial cellular death. But let us rein in the triggering neuropathy just a dat. Just as my career is my journey, yours is yours, and do forgive me for my pretentiousness in thinking I know anything about you. And humanity’s career, its path in simple terms is one of which we are all part.

For the purposes of this blog, the Age of TR is the moment in human awareness that pertains to us, you, me everyone who reads this and follows (hopefully) this discussion and all the most advanced people in the fields that ardently and arduously have been contributing to making our digital communications possible or rather, our human communications possible through digital means and media. Here I am plucking away on a tangent board looking at the screen as the letters pop-up thinking you get to read this. It’s no different from the smoke signals of our ancestors, the bottled messages, the Futhark runes, Lascaux, the pyramids, the printing press, et cetera. Someone wants to communicate. We can now do this having the potential of reaching hundreds, thousands and millions of people bypassing the newspapers that charge so much for your content (if you are an ordinary Joe) and have strict guidelines on what and not to publish.

We the people have the opportunity to opine and put it out there with the assistance of technology, mostly digitally based, which by the way it is said was developed from earthling contact with extra-terrestrial beings. And I am allowed to exercise the right to say it! The jump from analog to digital math is suspected to have a missing link, but these things arise in someone’s brain through learning, contact, studying or spontaneous picnics by some Swiss Lake in the Alps.

From pretentiousness to ambition the Age of TR posits diagnostics on humanity in its longed-for search of complete happiness. This lot is heavily weighed down by history: war, disease, malnutrition, famine, ignorance, povertyand lack of dignity and on and on. Again and again, drags notwithstanding, it trudges along. In fact, it thrives driven by innovative thinking and engineering abilities that some are privy to, thanks, some would say to the conditions that best allow for innovation to take roots, for engineering, technology and science to coincide on bringing forth the products that enable us to connect, for the means and wherewithal of societies able to make the sacrifice of producing and the luxury of making available the tangible and intangible symbols of technology as we are experiencing it, to us. For technology has been present from the first invention, the sharpened bone, the woven cloth, the wheel, the pipe, the instrument, the tool.

I share the thought that none of the progress or the misery humanity has made or endured could have come about without communication. The Age we are experiencing presupposes ubiquitous communication that is segregated – some know things that others do not or are not allowed to know – and it all is filtered, amplified, reduced, synthetized, conveyed through and with some form of technology, which in general terms is called information technology or IT. Here we are, every living being and inert matter being affected by the workings of some form or another of technology, and subjected to the manipulations of information technology as his / her / its characteristics are continuously processed. This is a fact, all that is known about the universe, physics and metaphysics flows through data and metadata systems for some use. Human beings have no choice but realize that this phenomenon of communicating using some form of technology is not only ancient – that flung rock sent a message –: it is inherent in the human condition, hence we must make it a part of the conversation as to who we are, where we are and where we are headed.

The Age of TR will expound on the topic of where we are as the point where redemption, that sought after pursuit of happiness of the enlightened souls, finds the technology capable of enabling such happiness and by virtue of this capacity moves to rid the planet of its mostly self-inflicted woes, because at this juncture most of the woes are self imposed, hence can be self-redeemed.

To plant this seed on fertile soil, the proper arable land cannot be in anyone’s back-farm. It cannot be discussed under the lens and scrutiny of one particular science, discipline, art, art form, company, government or institution or any of their production and derivatives. This is a concerted endeavor that concerns us all. For this reason I propose we suggest this field be known as ITAHC, Information Technology Assisted Human Communications.

ITAHC is the overarching service field, the industry we are positing that is best suited to carry out our mission. By intersecting IT and human communications we find a new way to do business that is still language centric, since communication requires some form of linguistic vehicle, but goes beyond the mere conveyance of a message from one language into another and between A and B, or the interacting and dynamic source and target dialogue and multi-colloquy. ITAHC increases your business objective’s success to a crisper level.

Those of you who find our business venture promising are welcome to join us in any capacity you see fit to help us advance this nascent industry. As you can see, there is much to be done. We welcome your participation and support. Our ITAHC services will adapt to your needs and horizon possibilities and includes the services we provide on an assisting to consulting bases.

Can the Age of TR be discussed from your angle? Of course, but I would ask to be open to the possibility that ITAHC as an industry might be the paradigm that you, your organization, your current industry will want to shift to simply because it encompasses a holistic approach to doing business and emphasizes the human, person to person, aspect of communications with the assistance of information technology tools. This paradigm shift has been in the works for as long as the puzzling new technology to access information and the World Wide Web superhighway to transport communication were put at our disposal from a click into cyberspace. If you favor ITAHC you support this effort and our business will thrive if critical mass is reached. What it would represent for me personally is I would have the resources available to continue on this quest along with millions of other individuals just like you.

The changes the Age of TR brings have to do with information technology, humanity and humans and communication between and among people. ITAHC the industry is positioned to understand information technology from a human perspective, no matter how close or how far you are from the core business, science and technology of IT. The use of IT has become second nature to us. We use it and accept its wondrous workings for us without a second thought, except if the computer crashes of there is a glitch in the system or we need guidance to work with a program or an Internet tool, as examples. What do we do? Yes, we call customer support and once are led by the hand, we go on with our separate business, personal or corporate but not both, supposedly, until the next time we need to call customer service. We know about IT as much as we can operate what we do. We also develop relationships in business by distancing ourselves as individuals from our business persona. We talk business to business so much or person to business so much that even for the individual the business attitude trumps.

There is an IT stratosphere and there is human dust. But this is a misconception.They must be recognized as part of the same integrated system. People must be able to humanly navigate and command information technology as much as it does us, otherwise something might go rampant as it probably has. In order to make IT accessible to the general public all organizations must stop and consider how to communicate outside of the script and the technological tools at their disposal. The humanities must be invited back to the table not to entertain the mighty, but to enrich them with human wisdom. Don’t just skype, visit. Don’t just pick up the phone, fly. Don’t just read the stats, ask why, how can I help.

Business, I am told is not for the weak – to avoid using a much used cliché – but the heart cannot be left out, it keeps our brains functioning. Tunnel vision, another cliché-term is real, and it can be associated with specialization. My suggestion to you: in negotiations, don’t just bring your experts, bring an ITAHC aware person, someone who – to not use yet another one of those phrases that make you be so in when you actually are expressing that you are so out – understands they are working for your and have identified with you the objective of your particular mission, they also are aware as well as you what failure in the task at hand is, because s/he he have analyzed it with you without the restraints of your customary procedures. Finally communicate with your negotiation partner on a human level knowing this will create the best sustainable solution to your firm and/or yourself and in fact the other person / organization’s representative.

Communication is in demand and it not only is digital, but integrated, not hollow but human at the core. This presupposes a restructuring at the helm that will allow for the realignment to take place and for the ITAHC industry to be recognized for the sustainable value it brings to businesses. Having a Business Communications unit is not sufficient, because it is a structural appendix of the organization. A Human Resources department is not the answer either, because it is immersed in external and internal regulations policies and procedures. Only an ITAHC model, preferably external and consultative can contribute to clear vision, scope focus and project oriented results on a sustainable basis.

I think this is the beginning of a trodden path. What this blog proposes is in fact not new, though the current challenges are and for this reason the reasoning suggests a different approach to personal and business communication. Our services are being devised to better function in the ITAHC industry rather than, for example linguistics, IT or the human communications fields alone. I thank you for your interest and ask if you have questions, comments and wish to post, to for the time being address any concerns to  We are projecting, provided responses to this blog, to include a bulletin board in the future on the Age of TR. I will also expound on the services our company provides, if they coincide with the topic – as they should – of this blog.

Thanks again!

Yours truly,
Pierre “Josef” DíazGranados”